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done per amore Nauraghe costasiti di amicizia Back on air on our Sardinian Circle annunci incontri amicizia Iq0NV. An extraordinary activity of friends that go the referent chattare con ragazze single IS0SNE Andrea who are working to let us know, not only from the radio point of view, the archaeological sites of our island. activity, as all other, pienamente sostenuta da bakeca annunci pisa A.R.S. Italy.

siti prenotazione hotel donna cerca roma Sunday 24 July 2016 the circle A.R.S. of Sassari, SS01, invites everyone to participate in the activation of the incontri gratis lecce Nuraghe “Costa” site location incontri per disabili Burgos forest (SS).
Tenth activation chat di incontro senza registrazione diploma by operators of radio incontri per adulti torino e provincia IQ0NV, e prima occasione per ottenere ilincontri donna foggia diploma “GOLD”.

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siti di incontri messina Commonly called Sa Reggia, It includes a complex nuraghe, a surrounding village and a mighty rampart (area of 450 sq.m.).
The nuraghe consists of a tower and a bastion of four secondary towers inside a courtyard.Nauraghe costa (3)
The central tower (diam. m 14) It is built with polygonal basalt blocks in the lower part and worked well in the upper.
It is accessed through an entrance – oriented to E and a rectangular light - that leads into a passage (length. m 4); s on the wall. This is the entrance to the compartment-scale helical development led to the upper floors. This chamber can be toured today only in the initial section (length. m 2,50).
The room seems full of earth and boulders fallen from the upper structures.
The keep overlooks the courtyard of disengagement – nearly semicircular (m 6) – which it is accessed via a D input.
The courtyard opened the entrances of the corridors leading into the four minor towers: a tower is almost completely collapsed today; a second retains only part of the walls of the chamber, where there was a niche; two other towers are inaccessible today.
Around the rampart, for large surface area, It extends the village: between the dense shrubbery can now clearly identify only two round huts (perimeter m 9) made with rows of polygonal basalt blocks.
The element that characterizes and makes it unique, however, this monument is the rampart.
The defensive wall structure - that you can follow today to a long stretch m 60 (alt. m 3)- It is devoid of towers and preserves, exceptionally, the “Chemin de ronde” (width. m 1,40). Source:chat di amicizia

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