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christian singles holidays uk It’ difficult to write words of farewell or goodbye: always. But, even though I had no great visits with hiv singles in kenya Salvatore Tucci, I8TUS, although I had met him a few times, also in Radio, upon hearing the news of his death, it took a kind of accident with my thoughts to that time. A suspended time during which one tries in the historical archives of our mind to form an image, maybe the best, you remind me.

top 10 chart singles this week uk Salvatore was a good person, Amateur radio a sui generis misunderstood by most, edgy at times excessively. But willing to let permeate the thoughts and to always give you the teachings: theory and technique on the SHF, He was a teacher. I met him recently in a hospital because a mutual friend warned me. Fearing its transformation, Having regard to the disease which had plagued, I prepared respectable potendomi not exempt from a visit necessary and desired.

black christian singles uk I was surprised by his usual joke almost to want to calm down because we would have had to stand still… Like he said ..”look what you see is just a figment of your imagination”. But it was debilitated, awesome watch his moves stunted but strong in spirit, Polished in the mind.

meet christian singles uk A 79 age, he lived in a nursing home here in Cosenza, his city, witnessed and revered as he deserves every person but, unfortunately, on the road of a decline I believe unmerited. His goodness of man, in recent times, He had led him to discard, regalando an inch that the po, her jewels often the result of marvelous car constructions that nothing would have envied to no other.

christian singles uk I greet him ideally no hiding the Magone, the node that makes me sad… that haunts me.

top 10 singles chart uk official But it is as if I had known and frequented by increasingly, every day for many years.

top 10 chart singles uk Rest in peace Sal. Your thinking will accompany for a long time many of us who have loved you.

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top 10 singles chart itunes I have known a long time ago Salvatore in radio during the summer in the area QSY 8 of which they are original. His enthusiasm in experimenting with different transmission techniques including ATV pushed me to meet him. Since then we have kept in touch, the first time also with sked in 2mt from Rome when the trope consentiva.Ho the propagation advantage of the opportunities given by my QSY to meet him and follow him in several changes of QTH until the old people's home they stayed in recent times. There, the smartphone has replaced the radio but always remained in his heart as well as the beloved PY. will, watches over us. Michele '73 IW0BYL

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