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singles in abuja nigeria The casual eye can not perceive, beyond chromatic pleasantness, formal or compositional, the real meaning, come dice Pino Pontoriero, “military singles dating site consists not only in that particular pictorial result but above all in the experience that generated the need of expression”.
From this we can understand who he was best chat rooms for singles Pino Pontoriero Luzzaro – renowned painter, alias best chat for singles I8YZO, also known as a lover of flight.

nigerian dating site for singles And to this his huge passion, the flight, which for him meant freedom, Pino has passed away. I do not know him personally having only been able to hear testimonies of those who attended.

italian singles dating sites "Hello Pino , I am honored to have met a gentleman and a gentleman like you, a great Amateur Radio and a free spirit. I like to think of you being back free among the free and hope you can read these lines from them. I'll miss you, Hello, my friend".

siti per singles gratis It is a profound testimony of best chat sites for singles Giuseppe IK8XFR that with Pino I8YZO, He shared not only love for bodybuilding singles dating site uk Radio and the frequencies on which Pino operated, VHF & Up, but also the passion for flying.
A phone call among many, between me and Joseph IK8XFR, he revealed that on that day the tragic flight, They had to be together on that just now bought and where he had come from Milan.
It puts some concern, learn that only by coincidence Giuseppe he found himself with him. The fate was different.

sito per incontrare uomini ricchi Pino I8YZO was appreciated as a Radio Operator, They tell me one of the strongest in its field, and it was also one of the most appreciated painters. He taught painting for many years.

sito per incontrare gente It leaves a huge legacy as Amateur, Painter, Master of Flight but especially as black singles dating sites uk Man which it is well expressed in what we have just written: the meaning of a work of art, pictorial in the present case, christian singles northern ireland "It consists not only in that particular pictorial result but above all in the experience that generated the expressive needs".

luoghi dove incontrare nuove persone This denotes that all that Pino did it his own way, his path has expressed clearly and unambiguously, in painting as in the passion for flying and the Radio.

sito per incontrare gente gratis german dating site for singles A great man.

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sito per incontrare donne russe I greet you with this contribution, delivering his memory to future generations.

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